As of June 1, Travis and Williamson County are engaged in an Interlocal Management Agreement for the Drive A Clean Machine (AirCheck Texas) program for Williamson County. For vehicles that are registered in Williamson County, complete the application (see link following). All applications will be processed in the order received. Review below for additional information about the program.

If your vehicle is registered in Williamson County or Travis County, please download the electronic application (an interactive PDF) and mail or fax the application to the address below. If you need additional information please phone 512-854-5020 for further assistance. On a limited basis questions may also be addressed to 512-943-1921 in Williamson County.



(A partir del 1 de junio de Travis y el Condado de Williamson se dedican a un acuerdo de gestión Interlocal para el programa de la unidad A Clean Machine ( AirCheck Texas) para el Condado de Williamson . Para los vehículos que están registrados en el Condado de Williamson , completan la aplicación ( ver enlace siguiente ) . Todas las solicitudes serán procesadas en el orden recibido . Revise a continuación para obtener información adicional sobre el programa.

Si su vehículo se ha registrado en el Condado de Williamson o el condado de Travis , por favor descarga la aplicación electrónica ( un PDF interactivo ) y el correo o fax la solicitud a la dirección indicada más abajo . Si necesita información adicional por favor llame a 512-854-5020 para obtener más ayuda . Sobre una base limitada preguntas también pueden dirigirse a 512-943-1921 en el Condado de Williamson.)

Mailing address:

AirCheck Texas – Williamson/Travis Counties

P.O. Box 1748

Austin, TX 78767

Fax: 512-854-5021

Phone: 512-854-5020

The link to the website for information is HERE.





Logo Drive a Clean Machine

The AirCheckTexas - Drive a Clean Machine Repair and Replacement Assistance Program is designed to help vehicle owners comply with vehicle emissions standards to reduce ozone-forming exhaust from on-road motor vehicles. It focuses on the highest emission vehicles and provides an incentive for citizens to contribute to the regional air quality solution.

Vehicle owners and their registered vehicles in the Williamson County may be eligible for repair assistance if their vehicle fails the mandatory emissions inspection test up to $600 for emission related repairs is available if qualified. Up to $3,500 is available for replacement of vehicles that are ten years old or older and have passed both safety and emissions on the inspection test or have recently failed an emissions test.

Informational brochures about the program are available at State Inspection Stations within the Williamson County.


Last updated May 19, 2015


Counterfeit Vehicle Inspection Program

Counterfeit Vehicle Inspection Program
Counterfeit Vehicle Inspection Program
When purchasing a used vehicle, we strongly encourage you to verify that the emissions certificate/inspection sticker is valid.  Visit our page to get more information.


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AirCheck Texas Program News

New 2016 DACM income eligibility levels - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

You must meet these 2016 net* income requirements: (these income amounts change annually in February)

Size of Household

Maximum Net Income Per Year

















Over 8

Add $12,480 for each additional member

*As determined by using the Adjusted Gross income (AGI) on the most recent Federal Income Tax form.
Note: The value of the replacement vehicle may affect eligibility requirements and/or benefits for financial assistance programs, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Please contact your case worker if you have any questions.



AirCheckTexas Office

AirCheck Texas – Williamson/Travis Counties

P.O. Box 1748

Austin, TX 78767

Fax: 512-854-5021

Phone: 512-854-5020, then press 8

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed on Holidays
Williamson County Courthouse
710 Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626
Main Telephone: (512)943-1100
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